Whole-Home Air Purification Systems

Now more than ever, you deserve a clean home. You take extra care to clean your hands and your surfaces, but what about your home’s air? Without proper ventilation and filtration, the air in your home can be as much, if not more, polluted than the air outside it, and your HVAC’s standard air filter may not be enough to keep you healthy.

Whole-home air purification systems—sometimes referred to as air filtration systems—are installed into the airflow in your HVAC system’s ductwork. By filtering out particulate matter that circulates throughout your home, purification systems offer an energy-efficient way to preserve air quality and reduce pollutants. Instead of just sifting the air circulating through your home—which a standard air filter does—an air purification system kills the pathogens, germs, and bacteria that can affect respiratory and immune health. Air purification systems can help:

  • Improve respiratory health, including reduced seasonal cold symptoms and allergens like dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mildew, and mold
  • Eliminate indoor odors from cooking oils, bacteria, and pets
  • Reduce surface and airborne dust and debris

Whole-home air purification systems are especially ideal for families with respiratory health concerns, small children, and older adults because they remove the small airborne particulate matter that can worsen symptoms and conditions.

Read our Air Purifier FAQs here.

At Suntech Heat and Air, we value your comfort and safety as much as you do, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you are concerned about the indoor air quality of your home or simply want your family to breathe the cleanest air possible, we can help. Let our trained and licensed technicians help determine if an air purification system is right for you, then trust us to install it right and maintain it properly. Schedule an appointment online or call or text us at 405-348-9743.

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